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Car Update

Thursday, July 10th 2003

Got a license plate for my car now. Pretty expensive over $500. On another note, I think I'm over a crush, a girl that... read more

Eureka! I have a car

Monday, June 30th 2003

She's a Silver '97 Civic Ex, 1.6 VTECH Coupe. Very light and fast, I don't even feel the pedal sometimes, shifting is... read more

Short Update

Tuesday, June 24th 2003

I got plenty of hours at work, partially I'm glad, but in counter-effect, I have to work night shifts, like all night... read more


Monday, June 23rd 2003

I need to draw $100 out of no where. I'm picking pennies from the ground. It's only the first payment out of 60 others... read more


Friday, May 30th 2003

Turned 17 this morning, I decided to make a fresh start and erased all my art material, to make new stuff. Besides that... read more

Verte es mejor que vivir

Sunday, October 13th 2002

No puedo olvidar los sentimientos que me llevan a ti. Eres el deseo de mi corazon, porque solo tu satisfaces mis ansias... read more

La desilusion

Tuesday, September 17th 2002

Por que crear la ilusion desde un comienzo? todo es una fantasia, producto de la necesidad del corazon, que implora a... read more

For mean while...

Monday, September 2nd 2002

I've got to write, I feel so down today. It all started very good like a normal Monday, school sucked but it wasn’t... read more

La carne es debil

Tuesday, April 9th 2002

Me siento shit para variar... Estoy harto, soy emocionalmente descapacitado, no soy capaz de querer, eso si es mi... read more

No vivo sino miro

Thursday, February 21st 2002

Ya detesto palpitar sangre, odio mis ojos por ver, odio mis pulmones por darme un suspiro mas, rechazo mi sentido de... read more