Alex Valle

Freelance Web Developer

The worst person I know

Thursday, March 21st 2013

A girl sat down next to me in a subway train. I used the reflection from the sidecar window in front of me to check her out. She had short bleached hair, her face was nothing special. She wore a huge charcoal colored wool coat. But I guess that wasn't enough to keep her warm. After a while, I realized the vibrations I was feeling were not that of the train but of the poor girl sitting next to me. She was shivering and clattering her teeth.

My first instinct was to find out what the hell was wrong with her. Her shivering did not relent and it only became more worrisome that I was the only one who knew of her ill condition. Then an internal debate with myself ensued. What should I ask her? How should I ask her? What will the surrounding audience think? What if she misunderstands my intention? In layman's terms, the amount of effort I have to put into the problem multiplied by the risk factor of being embarrassed and/or failing must be equal or less than the reward.

It wasn't worth it and I got off on my station.