Alex Valle

Freelance Web Developer

A Wasteland Story

Saturday, November 27th 2010

Somewhere in a post apocalyptic sci-fi western location, where ex-convicts and Wall Street stock brokers live in organized chaos. I found myself in the middle of a gang related confrontation. I belonged to one gang with some friends. The other gang consisted of fat and balled thugs, maybe neo nazi skin heads. The rules of engagement didn't allow us to fight, not until the last civilian had left the premises. Either way, they looked scary and my gang slowly retreated, until there were two or three left. The other gang had almost won the territory but I had the brilliant idea of staying behind and fighting for our turf. The last guy to leave told me: "it's not worth it let's just go...".

The opposing gang didn't take too kindly to my act of courage. A brawl began and I managed to not get too hurt.. in the middle of the commotion someone yelled: "roach!" and everyone started running to the exit. The bad guys were beating each other up just to get out the joint. Two guys remained and we agreed we'd fight this fight another day and nothing was settled that night. I left proud of myself for saving our territory. Before getting to my car I ran into this girl that I had met before that night and started to talk to her again. I was feeling 10 times more confident after the fight so I just grabbed her from the crowd and told her how it was going to go down. Before we made a move to my place I told her I had forgotten my umbrella so I rushed back into the pub. The place was repopulated and there was a decent crowd.

Then they started playing salsa and everyone rushed to the dance floor and someone started some chitchat with me. I had no patience or time to waste on her I had a girl waiting downstairs. All of a sudden the building starts moving... the house started tilting to the side! that's when things got strange. I was lucky because I was right next to a small opening in the wall so I just tugged myself nicely while the house slammed from side to side. It was like someone was playing with the house like a play doll house. I held on trying to figure out which side was next by feeling the gravity shift.

The crazy part was when we lost a sense of gravity and fell in limbo..."