Alex Valle

Freelance Web Developer

Training Day

Wednesday, March 16th 2011

In the middle of a rerun episode of Dragon Ball: The Cell Games, I'm flying around with Goku and the gang. I'm more of a spectator than a fighter, just like Yamucha or Chouzu. It's looking like Cell is going to be defeated so I head back down to the ground, heading back home to my grandma's place.

I notice some people playing soccer, some of them were hot girls so I tried to join the game but they seemed to quit playing at that moment. Rejected, I entered the apartment building but I noticed there was a black hooded character following me. I took the stairs instead of the elevator and I quickly zoomed up the flight of stairs hoping to lose my tail but I could hear the paces were right below me.. I knew I was approaching the last level, my options were narrowing down.

I got to the last level and there wasn't a door out. Who makes a staircase with a dead end! The footsteps stopped a while ago, but I tread down slowly and quietly. But by then, I had forgotten which level I lived on. I took the first door I could open but it wouldn't open. They were all locked.