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Tacos and The Affordable Health Care Act

Thursday, April 3rd 2014

I went to Narita airport to take a 17 hour flight to go see my dad. By the time I recall, I was already having dinner with my dad and brother - maybe my uncle too. It was our 3rd restaurant, I think we were doing a taco tour. The third place was so delicious. the meats were good but the best part was the tortillas. They provided the liquid maseca and a hot ceramic plate for you to pour in the corn mixture and it would cook tortillas instantly like pancakes. I was supremely impressed. Then I looked around "Where are we?" I said out loud but inside my mind "How did I get here?" was the real question. That restaurant was located in a very nice mall, pseudo-Shanghai feeling with tall dark buildings and creepy neon lights. I backtracked to the last memory of getting on a plane in Narita. "Are we in Virginia?" a moment later "oh wait, El Salvador, right?".

The 5 of us went to church afterwards. It was being held in a strip mall bar. Can't remember the name. I really didn't want to go but I think Nick was insisting. or not insisting but we had to go for him. I think nick didn't want to be there either. I didn't smell anything but I assumed it stank like stale beer. It was a cheap sports bar. I sat on a couch probably in the middle of the room not knowing where the preacher would stand. A couple of older black men were sitting at the end of the room. "You are Latino, definitely" the man in the corner stated. "No" I lied and he continued "Hawaiian?" I negged again. “Where are YOU from?" I countered. He asked me to guess but I didn't feel like playing his obnoxious game. Turns out he was born in Korea, on an american base by the western coast. He thought that was amusing. We ranted a bit about politics and it got heated. at one point he asked "OK OK, just answer me this: health or health care?". I winced in disbelief I didn't want to entertain the ignorance of the question but I wanted to make a point clear to the people in the room. I said "Preventive health care is health" and he said "Well now you're just not making any sense, you're talking gibberish". To which I continued "Preventive health care means education, learning how to have a balanced diet. Some people are just designed to get cancer..." my mom sitting next to me, whispered in agreement "But in most cases, cancer could have been avoided if only people didn't eat so much garbage". I was satisfied with my logic. I think I changed some minds.

Outside, a crackhead is pushing a shopping cart with a crazy woman in it, she's throwing Molotov cocktails at us, breaking the windows and causing a huge fire. I'm looking for an exit, thinking about my younger sister. A bigger mob arrived with more fire and chaos. They wanted to burn us alive inside the building. someone rescued us by shooting at the mob. They were gunned down. everyone escaped, except for the pastor and his friend my dad was still sitting down at the table. I shook him to wake him up. He was old and slow but we managed to escape the building once outside, I realized we were still targets and open areas would be dangerous. So I dragged him to through the back alley in order to get to the main street. a familiar monster appeared at the other end of the alley. It was a deformed human, with a old baby face and weak arms. Yellow and going bald with a few strings of hair. Its eyes were milky and with evil intent. It noticed us and came after us. I urged my dad to walk faster, but the monster was gaining ground. Some school kids with automatic weapons ran past us providing some fleeting relief. They went up a staircase, and I shoved my dad on the staircase too.. he was mid way up the stairs when the monster was just behind us. It lunged at us and I punched the side of its jaw...