Alex Valle

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Surprise! It's a girl!

Tuesday, December 9th 2014

I came back from the hospital with a baby.

I’m living with mom in Meme’s apartment, in Falls Church, VA. Nick drops by with his own baby boy. They seem to be best buddies. Mom is giving my newborn daughter a bath. I’m scanning the classifieds for a part time job but all I can think of is freedom oozing out of me.

Mom brings me my baby. She’s pretty, fair skin (more than a few shades lighter than me) and hazel eyes. I held her and paced around, talking small talk. I like this baby, maybe I can deal with this life. Not surprised I got baby before marriage. It felt like I always had this coming.

My dad showed up. He picked up the baby from my arms and whispered to my mom “Who’s the mother?”. A question I had not thought of until then. My mom replied: “I don’t know but I think it’s all paid for.” My dad wanted confirmation, “Are you sure? How is that possible?” How could I have not noticed my girlfriend was pregnant? It’s impossible. My brother asked: “Are you sure it’s not your girlfriend?” I shook my head. Assuming conception happened about 10 months ago, it must be…

It is night time, so I put the baby to sleep – I think. It’s quiet in the living room. I sit down on the couch and burst into tears, sobbing and weakened.

Next day, I’m working in a restaurant kitchen. I’m stationed at the seasoning conveyor belt. My new coworkers are knocking on me for doing a crumby job. I don’t take it to heart. It’s just padding down some chicken with spices and stuffing it with a smaller chicken. The mother of my child appears. Of course, she works in the kitchen too.

She explains everything. She wants to become a racecar driver. She can’t deal with a baby right now. I notice our age gap. She’s in her early 20s and I’m in my mid-30s. I sigh in relief knowing this is all in the future.

I told her to fuck off in a passive aggressive manner. I told her our daughter and I will be just fine without her. Perhaps out of anger or jealousy, I don’t want her to come back looking for a place in our family just because her dreams don’t pan out.

During our break, we stole a couple car keys from the valet parking lot. She took an electric blue Honda concept supercar and I chased her down with a cherry red Mazda concept car as well. We dashed through a dangerous downhill a la Initial-D, bumping on the rails with total disregard for the machine and other drivers.

She ends up totaling her stolen gem. Mine was pretty banged up as well. All I could think of was “Nice taste, I would’ve taken the Honda as well. No wonder we made a baby”.

My niece Alexandra and I in Ueno Station, Japan