Alex Valle

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Random Playback

Monday, September 12th 2011

Midway on my hour-long commute to work, my head resting on the bumpy bus window, the song ended. The next track started to play but I decided to skip it. I didn't want to listen to that song. I think there is a parallel between the way I listen to music and the way I live life.

My playlist contains handpicked songs by several artists from a variety of genres. So, why do I click "next" several times before landing on a song that suits the moment. Why not just let it play and be content? Did I not invite this song into my music player? How unlucky for a song to wait in line so long just to be skipped by my pretentious finger.

The logical answer would to be to delete the skipped file, but if I deleted all the songs I skip, I wouldn't have half the number of songs in my playlist now. They aren't unpleasant songs, they just don't fit the mood. I realize I do this in a larger scale. My history seems to be on random playback, repeating every once in a while. And instead of dealing with hindering issues, I simply move on to the next. Maybe the saying: "life is what you make of it" applies to music collections too.