Alex Valle

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No Zombies Allowed

Wednesday, October 1st 2014

Zombies are disappearing and it looks like humanity might survive.

Things are being rebuilt. I’m walking down Coscto buying things for the restaurant. The building is half destroyed. Many floors and walls are partially exposed.

We proceeded towards the cashier when someone offered me to participate in a BMW TV ad.

All I had to do was be blindfolded, enter random cars and and guess if I was in a BMW. I was sure I could o that without a problem. I agreed and walked towards the set. There were cameras already on me. I thought about my strategy. Smell the unique leather scent, the first and precise steering wheel, semi comfortable hard seats, etc… I almost tipped over a big camera and I didn’t apologize. What a jerk.

I  noticed a posse of travestis marching to the bathroom and another group of people chasing them down. There seemed  to be a confrontation with the alpha tranny and a woman. The tranny attempted to walk up the stairs but the woman tripped her by pulling her right foot back down. The fought with firsts and kicks, even using their high heels as weapons. It became too hard to watch and I wasn’t able to do the TV ad.

In the  next scene I’m sauteeing some vegetables and searing a nice flank steak. We went to a small shop for some soju. I was still cooking somehow. Seong-oen’s friends were outside the store, drinking under a carp. We sat down with them and laid out the steak for us to eat. It took way too long to cook but it was awesome.

I walked home with my dog. A big, almost scary looking, black German Shepherd. I think it was Sancho. I understood the animal at a primeval level. I respected it as a living creature and loved it like a friend. Once at the house, they wouldn’t let us in because they didn’t allow my dog. I threw a fit and refused to enter without my dog. We probably stayed outside the night.