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Friday, February 18th 2011

I parked Raul's truck in a tight parking space in his apartment complex. I was a bit worried about it so I stood there analyzing my options but eventually got blocked by a Uhal truck. I surveyed the situation and there was no getting out of that spot. I gave up and headed towards the apartment and I see a guy behind the Uhal, a fat Italian guy.

Before getting to the building stairs, I turn around and see him going back inside his place. This is how our conversation unfolded: "Excuse me is there any way we can..." "NO THERE ISN'T, YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE" "OK sorry to bother..." "NO SORRIES YOU SCREWED UP!" "Have a nice evening sir" and I walked away. What a nut job. Then my brother some how got involved with trafficking coke.

I had to take it from him and hide about 6-7 packs of blow in the launder mat. He became greedy and started scheming how to sell it on his own and cutting out the original buyer. I told him that was out of the question yelled and tried threatening him not to do such thing. But that was of no use. I told him he'd get us all killed if he tried such a stupid thing but his eyes were full of monetary delusions.

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