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For mean while...

Monday, September 2nd 2002

I've got to write, I feel so down today. It all started very good like a normal Monday, school sucked but it wasn’t really hard. It was raining for crying out loud, I love rain, still something is wrong. My parents wont let me go out clubbing' yet, little will they let me drive Friday night.

I want and need to go, I have the feeling that I will miss a shooting star if I miss that night. I’m single for now but I’m so very in loved of this girl I met at school. I have some inorganic disorder of feelings, I know what's good and I know what's bad, I can only think in negative situations. When I hit the sack, I’m bound to have a nightmare. Only that this night I want to have nightmares, I won't stand to be happy.

I won't speak to anyone tomorrow, it's my method to think for awhile without acting like crazy, some friends will ask why so silent, I wont reply, they will know I’m just thinking and make me laugh some how and I'll just get more mad...hopefully this will help me go on in life for all I have is to write the vague ghosts that visit my site... peace