Alex Valle

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Love Responsibly

Tuesday, October 18th 2011

Loving and drinking share many similar characteristics. For instance, excessive loving will result in a massive heartache. Some would advise waiting out the storm of pain while others suggest a dose of the same poison to alleviate the pain, aka the rebound. A strong love will get you drunk way faster and you wont notice until it's too late in the game. Alcohol tends to break our inhibition, while love seems to bring us to our most vulnerable points.

We think we're in a full clarity state of mind but that's because of the beautiful cloud of nice feelings and dreams that covers reality. No wonder it's a bad idea to operate heavy machinery when under the influence; alcohol doesn't make you a better driver and love doesn't conquer all.

Another familiar feeling that comes along with a severe hangover is the absolute commitment to never drink again. We know those don't last but can guess how long you'll stay sober depending on the degree of the hangover.

Sure, love and alcohol are great recreational activities, best enjoyed by responsible and mature users... Not for the weak of heart.