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King of Rock

Tuesday, December 23rd 2008

I'm boarding an egg-looking space capsule, it serves as an elevator capsule to travel all around the space ship. I'm required to sit and wear seat belt at all times due to its high velocity. During the travel, there was a screen inside the capsule playing animated shows of cats. The capsule finally comes to a halt and orders me to remove myself from the capsule. Apparently we were no longer on Earth because gravity was strange.

The floor was padded with mats and I had to crawl to move. I was eventually greeted by the Head Doctor of that section, he explained that I had arrived at the Balance Center, a therapy clinic for balance recovery. He told me to find a seat to begin the introduction video. I stood up on my fragile legs to find an open seat, and walked down the aisle. Pale hazel eyes drew in my entire attention, it was Echo. She was wearing a nurses outfit, she apparently worked at the Balance Center.

I'm puzzled as to why she is even on board this enormous ship, I must have stood there frozen in time. HEY! Keep moving!the Head Doctor yelled at me. I obeyed but still focused on Echo. She was with a team of nurses checking up with other patients, but she would eventually come around to my seat. I waited for her to come check up on me, I had a million questions but I had a bad feeling about the whole situation. She had finally come around and looked at me with her paralyzing eyes, but they were empty.

She didn't know me or recognize me at all, 'What the hell is going on?' I thought. I asked the male nurse that was checking my ears:'What is going on here? What are you doing?'. He whispered: 'We're going to perform an MCR'. I signaled Echo to come closer to me, I whispered to her ear 'I know you from the other side'. She became alarmed 'Do you hate me?' she screeched. The rest of the physicians tuned in into our conversation. I signaled her to come close again and replied 'I'm here for you, Love'.

She pondered the idea of faking the MCR procedure so I could keep my memory, she had many questions for me. Her colleagues were willing to help with her deception plan. I felt fairly secure thinking I was going to keep my memory. Then the Head Doctor had something to say 'I see you are planning on saving his memory; I would have agreed but I guess you don't think my opinion is necessary... His memory must be erased!'. A powerful entity had appeared to everyone. A fire-breathing skeleton demon, his presence was unmistakable, he existed to deliver death. Everyone was in awe, I could not blink for he had much to show us. He warped us into his dimension and took us to a distant galaxy, where he stood on an asteroid gazing at a nearby red dwarf. The demon drew a divine sword and slashed into the void of outer space in direction to the Red Sun. And the Sun exploded, creating a supernova, full of colors and sounds I had never seen or heard before. The demon laughed in a self glorifying manner, I knew this was his only form of entertainment. In the middle of the supernova, an image of a similar looking demon appeared. He joined in the laughing and addressed the sun destroyer 'I see you haven't lost your touch King of Rock'. I came back to our original dimension, I thought I had seen a celestial vision... but I was wrong, what happened was very real.

The King of Rock remained in his dimension, he was scanning through us. He caused scourging heat upon his focus, he took interest in me. I felt as if standing in front of a 10 foot flame. Echo was also caught in the demons sight, I tried to shield her from the heat with my body. The Head Doctor became furious and yelled at us "NO! Bow down to the Lord!"; the King of Rock did not like yelling and looked at the doctor intently eventually making the him burst into flames. Panic ensued, the King disappeared.

The Balance Center was in chaos, the patients became angry and violent resulting in a riot. "We need to leave, now!" I told Echo. "But my friends, I can't leave them". The nurses were being eaten by the brainwashed crazies. The mummy cyclops was released from his chains and all too excited started to dismember anything in its path. Echo collected her (remaining) colleagues and we all headed to the exit.

The cyclops became an obstacle for our retreat. I charged at it without hesitation and sliced off his legs and arms with my sword. I signaled the survivors to follow. One last gaze into her eyes and I said 'I'm going to protect you, always'.

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