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Hot Goblin

Saturday, January 23rd 2010

It starts out like a music video, or a Cribs episode of Meme's house, big pool with multiple shacks inside the pool and a nice 90's Central American mansion style. Meme's was cooking and she was vibrant and cooking a lot of food. There were a lot of people there too. Then I'm walking towards my uncles new property, he bought some land in the mountains. So is other people. Nothing was constructed yet only walls to cut in between lands. When we passed by other peoples property to get to my uncles, you could see indigenous kids hitting the gate, as if they were prisoners. Some had sticks, others shovels. It looked like they lived there to protect that piece of land. One was very ferocious.

When we got to my uncles property, out family was already there having a BBQ. One of the prisoner kids left his property land at his own will. He walked with authority towards the gate of my uncle. We all stared at him with fear and curiosity. He walked towards me and we started conversing. He only spoke his own language and some Spanish. Then i asked about his people. I asked how many of them exist. He said i looked like people from another tribe he knows, because of my accent. I tried repeat his native words but they were whistled and gargled.

He taught me how to throw things efficiently and to come back to me without my arms strength. Using my chest as a platform. I asked him about his religion. He said he was a christian for the city people but his ultimate goal is to convert to Judaism. He said that would be difficult because he heard they are very selective of who they let in. i said he had a great chance being from such an exotic background. Before i continued explaining, we heard some thunderous noise coming from the skits of the mountain.. sounded like a big animal chasing its pray through the woods.

In Miami, i stayed at big hotel with a group of kids from my school. It was a very tall hotel perhaps 100 stories. I spent my time exploring every floor, most were room floors that were boring but some had arcade games and similar entertainment stuff. Every person that checks to the hotel gets a chance to meet the green goblin and i won that prize. The ticket instructed me to take the 5th elevator to the 100th floor. I had been to the 100th floor so i didn't need an escort. I pressed the 100th button but the elevator took me to the 101th floor, the very roof of the building.

It was a dark cloudy night, the sky was bruised and windy. I walked on the platform and there was a statue of a goblin, at least i thought a statue. The goblin began to move towards me, the shiny green armor changing color tones was pretty. The goblins movements did not belong to a normal human.

It moved in liquid style, always dynamic steps. The goblin sat down next to me in silence. I figured it couldn't talk anyway and i was too scared to ask it any questions. I told the goblin my troubles and doubts hoping it wouldn't tell anyone else.