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Hidden camera love story

Monday, August 6th 2012

Someone turned on the Olympics and I saw El Salvador had won a gold medal. I found that very hard to believe. It turns out that Duke won a gold medal in boogie boarding. I don't know what division. I resumed my original task, to help Josh move out of his nest. Grayson and Chris were probably there too. It seemed like an easy job, everything was boxed and ready to move. Josh's girlfriend was coordinating the procedure.

She was a bit bossy but attentive, providing refreshments and stuff. Once we reached the lovers bedroom, I found a small door that led to a hidden monitor room. There were two white haired scientists and lots of monitors and cameras. I cried wolf and the others joined. The scientist explained they were conducting an experiment with Josh and his girlfriend. They were studying the effect of ultra low frequency subliminal messages.

There were dozens of spekers around the apartment, feeding the couple with inaudible commercial messages. Josh was more fascinated than upset. That was not the case with his lab partner.

I heard they're making a documentary out of the recorded hidden video camera footage.