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Christmas Eve

Monday, December 24th 2007

On the way to church, it's Christmas eve and we are all well dressed and presentable. To my knowledge, this would become my 21st Christmas. I know the drill, we sit down and listen to the choir sing and for a minute or two I feel a chill run down my spine. Often I've wondered what this chill means or where does it come from...

I guess I never remember long enough to search it on Google. Mom had left the turkey cooking on low to be sure it wouldn't over cook. Mom has better her cooking over the years. Some people joke around about how you turn into your parents as the years go by, this is true in many ways. As we turn into the church parking lot, my father wonders whether we're going to get a decent seating. We usually arrive late enough to be sent to the overflow building.

This time we made it one hour early so we were able to sit in the main building. We great some friends, and pretend to not see the ones we don't want to great... At least that's what I think we're doing.